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2016 MHS Football Homecoming begins next week!

Be sure to participate in the dress-up days

and the spirit games before lunch!

Sign-up sheets are at the front counter of the lobby. 


Class Sweepstakes Competition

Classes will earn points for the following activities:

Hall decs, parade floats, bedsheet banners, and class percentage on dress-up days:

First place--10 pts., Second place—7 pts., Third place—5 pts., Fourth place—4 pts.

for each activity (no entry = 0 points).

5 points to the winning class for each of the following individual activities:

Each football found in the scavenger hunt

A spirit game

One boy and one girl for a dress-up day (Squad Day exception: 2 points for each winning member of a squad, 10 pts. max. The squad may include members of different classes, so  all of the points may not go to one class.)

The winning class will receive an extended lunch.

Tiebreaker: higher placing in parade float category